Half Marathon Training Programmes

Who are the training programmes for?
The aim of this article is to provide information for an 8-week training programme for novice, intermediate and advanced runners who wish to take part in a half marathon. In addition to the training programmes supplied, runners should also attempt to support their training in other ways; such as strength training, nutrition and flexibility. Before starting any training it is recommended that you have a medical examination to ensure it is safe for you to undertake physical activity.
The beginners training programme is designed for an inexperienced runner who has already put in at least 6-8 weeks of walking and running and preferably who can complete a 5km run in 30 to 40 minutes using a combination of walking and jogging to complete the course. The intermediate training programme is suitable for runners who have successfully completed more than two 10k races and is aiming to increase their speed and distance. The advanced training program is suitable for runners who have previously completed a half marathon, no doubt several, and are looking to improve their time. Any application of the following training programme is at the athlete’s own discretion and risk.

How do the programmes work?
The training pattern is based on 5 days of exercise a week. This is well established and advocated by many runners who have prepared for half marathons, as it attempts to fit into a person’s daily schedule. It is also written to provide variety, which should help to keep you motivated and focused. A key piece of advice is organisation and preparation. As the saying goes, “failure to prepare is preparing to fail”. A clear training programme will give you details of what to do in each session, why you are doing it and also provide you with the confidence and motivation to monitor and adapt your training. The programme is designed to prepare runners for a specific race event, but probably it is just as important for beginners and intermediates to form a foundation of good habits from which runners can gain health benefits and enjoyment. Running shouldn’t be a hard slog and if it is, then you need to change your training and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Equally for advanced runners, a new training programme can help you to achieve that final few percent of improvement required to bag a personal best.

Enjoy, Endure, Enhance!

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