2010 Half Marathon

From: Janet Davies
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 10:21:10 +0100
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: The Liverpool Half 2010

Just wanted to say thank you for the well organised run yesterday. It was my first attempt at a half marathon and the Liverpool half had been recommended to me as a good route with manageable numbers taking part - and appropriately so !  It must take mammoth efforts to organise but the road closures, marshalls, drink stations all seemed to work perfectly .

  Ok I'm a novice, but I thought the route was excellent - the mixture of road and path was great. The parks were lovely to run through and see -  a real credit to Liverpool.Yes it was windy along the prom but the flat open prom was very welcome at that stage in the race.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you

From: Caroline Kenyon
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 08:43:25 +0000
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: Excellent half marathon

Hi alan

Well done on a fabulous event yesterday; I loved the course - yes even the windy bit at the end! - and it was extremely well organised, as ever. All credit to you and your team and thank you very much.

By the way I liked the long sleeve t-shirt, it makes a nice change!

Best wishes caroline

Caroline Kenyon

From: Kay and Paul Myerscough
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 09:32:37 +0100
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: Forgot My T Shirt !


First of all thank you for the organization of another excellent Liverpool Half Marathon yesterday.

My husband & I thought the new route was very good..(despite the 4 mile head wind down from Otterspool !!!) I don't suppose you can organize a tail wind for next year !

Anyway, my husband Paul Myerscough (runner 942) . Did not realize the T shirt was to be collected separate to the Goody Bag and missed them. SO, If you have any left size M or L we would really appreciate if you could post one on. We would'nt normally bother but they are cool shirts.

Thanks again

Kay Myerscough, Northumberland NE41 8BD


From: jennifer williams
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 13:12:42 +0000 (GMT)
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: Liverpool half marathon


I just wanted to thank you all for organising such a fantastic event on Sunday. It was my first half marathon and I could not have enjoyed it more! What a great course and a wonderful atmosphere! I was slightly unwell on the day and it was so reassuring to see so many stewards around in case I had been taken ill.

I have attended several half marathons as a spectator and this was by far the most fun, friendly and well organised. I will be back next year. Well done Liverpool!


Jennifer Williams, Formby

From: "Newcombe, Helen"
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 13:01:34 +0100
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: Liverpool Half-thanks to all Organisers & Participants!!

Dear Alan

A thoroughly enjoyable, great event . Thanks to you and the Team for all the hard work in not only the preparation but also execution in ensuring that Liverpool yet again shone! Having moved to London the Runners and route reminded me yet again of the greatness of Liverpool and its people,

Back next for the Mersey Tunnel 10!!!


From: Sean
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 09:53:04 +0100
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: Liverpool Half Marathon


Firstly I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience it was taking part in the Liverpool Half Marathon on Sunday. Running down the promenade for the last 3 miles into that head wind is something that will stay with me for a quite a while!! I did my best ever time of 1hour 35 mins which I was made up with.
Unfortunately I lost my medal afterwards and was wondering if it would be possible to send me a replacement which I will cover all the costs for.
My race number was 2226 and my name is Sean McCaul, home address xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

If you can help please let me know how much it will cost and I will send the payment to you beforehand.

Many thanks

Sean McCaul

From: "Perry Helen (SEFTON PCT)"
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 09:06:29 +0100
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: Half Marathon

Just writing to say thanks for organising such a great day on Sunday, totally enjoyed it, the route was brilliant and even the weather was on our side :) The last one i did was in 2008 when it was round Sefton Park and as much as I enjoyed that one this year was a much better route round Liverpool and it was good to have supporters round the course so thanks to everyone who came to cheer people on!

Encouraged me to another PB :)

Cant wait for 2011!!!

Thanks Helen

From: Helen Lodge
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 00:51:57 -0700 (PDT)
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: half marathon

Thank you for a great experience running my first half marathon on Sunday. Really enjoyed the first 10 miles through the parks. Loved the atmosphere. Otherwise fantastic morning and delighted with time.

Helen Lodge

From: "Jones, Roy"
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 17:05:04 +0100
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: Half Marathon

Many thanks for yesterday's event - great race, shame that you couldn't sort ot the breeze on the final few miles - however everything else well organised as I have come to expect from runliverpool - see you at the next race- which will be the Tunnel Run.
Have tried to open the pdf for the results - no joy - also tried to access my time - runner No. 2960 - did have my tag on as per your YouTube feature


Roy Jones Community Liaison Manager, North West & North Wales

From: "Choudhary, Karen"
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 16:20:11 +0100
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: half marathon

Hello Alan Congratulations on yesterday this was my fourth half....

It was really hard going yesterday but its so good...hope we get the  marathon thanks you for all your hard work and that of your volunteers too

All the best

Karen Choudhary

From: Leah Jackson
To: l1310k@yahoo.co.uk
Sent: Tue, 30 March, 2010 19:45:03
Subject: RE: Liverpool Half Marathon

Hi Alan and run liverpool team,

Thanks a lot for organising the event and giving me the opportunity to run my 1st half marathon and Liverpool half marathon, I really enjoyed it I will be definitely doing it next year. Although, I didn’t do hill training around my area and felt tired after the 1st hill on bluldell street i felt tired but didn’t let it get to me and I ran threw it without stopping which am pleased with. The wind on the waterfront was also hard to run in but it was refreshing and the view was lovely. The atmosphere was also great. Also, i want to thank use for the route of the course due to gaining a good time of 1.58.12 and considering am only 18 and it was my 1st half marathon i was extremerly pleased ans shocked with myself.

On my 8th mile i also spotted a women who was running my pace and i asked if i could run with her so i just want to say a big thank u to Sue, as she kept me motivated and i would have stopped if it wasnt for Sue.

I have also used my 10% for my new asics at JJB today so thannx a lot.

Thanx for the experiance and a big well done for all runners taking part!!