2010 Tunnel 10K

From: Mike Dowsett
To: Run Liverpool
Sent: Sun, 30 May, 2010 18:04:13
Subject: Tunnel run 2010

Hi Alan and team,

A big thankyou to you all at RunLiverpool for organising another enjoyable Tunnel run.
A massive thanks for finding me a repalcement race-chip in such short notice.
You are one of the most organised running teams i have come across in all the runs i have done around the world. Be proud guys.
Regards, Mike Dowsett

From: Jim Hamilton
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 07:12:55 +0100
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: t-shirt


I had a really enjoyable day yesterday, great race very well organised. After a four hour drive down from Scotland and dragging my big fat carcass round the course I was a bit disappointed to find there were no t-shirts left at the end. I know it’s hard to gauge how many people will turn up on the day but is there any chance of letting me have an XL t-shirt. It is such a unique race different from anything else I have done I’ll definately be back next year.
My race number was 1544.
Jim Hamilton.

From: Stephen Bentley
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 21:23:42 +0000
To: Alan Rothwell
Subject: RE: 10km

Hi Alan
The 10 km was my first race on sunday, didn't really know what to expect,the event was very well organized,the goody bag,t -shirt and medal were great, I enjoyed the race and will be racing next year. Well done.
Steve Bentley.