Claire House

Claire House - The Background

ClaireHouse1Claire House is dedicated to a little girl called Claire.

Claire Cain was born in 1979. When she was eight years old she became ill. Diagnosed with a malignant tumour behind her nose and eye, Claire underwent months of radiotherapy and chemotherapy - and never complained. She lost sight in one eye, lost her hair and most of her teeth and yet still managed to smile and laugh.

Sadly no cure was found for Claire and she died just ten days before her 10th birthday. She was an inspiration to all who knew her.

During Claire’s illness, her parents (Chris, a nurse and Bobby) faced the additional challenge of trying to maintain a stable family atmosphere for Claire’s two sisters and her brother. The hospital was supportive but there was little opportunity for the family who lived on the Wirral to be together: they could either stay at home with little or no support, or be at her hospital bedside.

ClaireHouse2Claire House was founded in 1999 to give families a choice: to be that ‘home from home’ for children who suffer from life limiting and life threatening conditions, to ensure that all the children have some special quality time as well as to allow families to have those moments together.

Claire House recognises that life is precious - however long or short that might be.

Claire House is one of 39 children’s hospices around the UK supporting families in crisis. Its work is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions and it receives no regular government funding. Its staff is hugely committed to providing best standards of care.

Claire House Children’s Hospice, Clatterbridge Road, Bebington, Wirral CH63 4JD
Tel: 0151 343 0883 – – Registered Charity No. 100405

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